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Illustrations, typography - Persil, Arsenal, Bukayo Saka - Lola MullenLowe, Madrid
Executive Creative Director: Tomas Ostiglia
Creative Directors: German Riveria, Diego Vieira
Associate Creative Director: Diego Vieira
Art Directors: Pedro Mezzini, Diego Vieira, Alan Chung
Head of Design: Yan Graller
film director: Vellas

To promote Persil’s new capsules, Lola created a touching three-minute film starring Arsenal and England star Bukayo Saka. The story follows the journey of a young Arsenal fan whose prized shirt, signed by his idol, falls victim to an unexpected villain – Persil’s new capsules with first-time stain removal.

But every great film, deserves a poster…or seven. That’s why we teased the film with a hand-crafted poster campaign all over North London, featuring a little secret: seven of the posters bore the authentic signature of Saka, turning our outdoor advertising into highly sought-after collector’s items.

signed posters:

unsigned posters: