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Type design, Roche - Ogilvy, ad: Gustavo Orsati, Edgard Vidal ; cw:: Thomas Fernandes, Julia Rebouças, Patrícia Silveira;

with: Ivan Hods

In Brazil, 420.000 people suffer from Parkinson’s Disease. Despite that, the condition is still surrounded by unfamiliarity, which leads to prejudice against people who have it.

We have transformed the handwriting of Sonia – a former teacher who suffers from Parkinson’s – into the Sonia Script font. Her calligraphy was used to spread knowledge once again, this time about the disease. People could access website’s campaign to write support messages with the font and download it.

Everyone was able to use the website or download the typeface to send support messages and spread the #TypeToFight movement in social networks.
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