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Character Design / Illustration, Fillo's - Loggia, Chicago
Cd: Flávio Pina <3

Andy, the Walking Tamale

by Daniel Caballero | May 2, 2022
A few years ago, my brother Antonio and I launched FILLO’S to introduce the Latin American sofrito dishes we grew up eating to a wider audience.  It’s gone well; wherever it’s stocked, FILLO’S is the fastest selling pouch of beans in the US.

We wondered what to do next.  Tamales came up.  The R&D seemed like a headache, but the idea stuck—a tamal without the work and mess—a convenient tamal.  To wear the FILLO’S name, they also had to be traditional, modern, clean-label, satisfying, shelf-stable and fun.  It was a lot to ask of a tamal.

We started with the masa.  Ours is made from premium non-GMO white corn and extra virgin olive oil.  It has a homey flavor and toothsome texture.  Then we packed a few with beans and fresh vegetables, and a few more with nuts, cacao and fruit.

What we avoided was propping up protein numbers with powders, or cutting calories with artificial sweeteners.  What you see (and read) is what you get.  Real food for real occasions.

Tamales Time.  Anytime.